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Your Home, Your Health

Recently I decided it was time to do a makeover on my home. My decor had been the same for quite some time. I chose to lighten it up with shades of white for the walls and much of the furniture. I added warmth by blending in vibrant colors in the art throughout, and adding luscious green plants. Removing the blinds from the large front window gave a feeling of the nature outside being inside. The outcome equated to a simplistic home with a relaxing and spa-like vibe.

I like to call it “my little sanctuary.”

Our surroundings can have a tremendous impact on our state of mind and overall well-being, more than we may even realize.

Let’s explore how our current surroundings may very well be influencing our state of well-being.

Colors - Colors can ignite a full array of emotions to the human psyche.

The emotions spurred from certain colors can vary from person to person. It may depend on factors like: culture, upbringing, age and location. There are many colors however, that tend to be more universal. For example blues and greens often correlate with emotions of calmness and feeling refreshed. Another example would be wearing white to a wedding or black to a funeral. The science behind colors is quite fascinating.

Marketing firms have conducted extensive research on what colors to use in their ad campaigns, knowing people tend to purchase based on emotions. As I changed the color scheme in my home, I intentionally chose colors for how I wanted to feel in that space.

Nature/Plants - The health benefits of spending time in nature and simply having plants in your home or workspace is vast. In a recent article in the Yale Environment 360, How Immersion in Nature Benefits Your Health, it discusses the effects that exposure to the natural world has on our health, reducing stress and promoting healing. Furthermore studies have concluded that plants can: reduce symptoms of depression, aid in focus and concentration and improve our overall outlook on life. Having plants in your home will improve air quality and just the time you take to care for and nurture your plants can be very therapeutic.

Simplicity and Organization- I often find when I have a big project to work on I end up cleaning my house first. Something about everything being clean and neatly organized frees up my mind and unleashes my creativity. It’s easy over time to collect more stuff but what are we actually exchanging for in its place? Having clutter and disorganization can often lead to feelings of overwhelm and anxiety.

There are many health benefits to living in an organized and clean space. These include:

  • Less distractions, better mental focus and reduction in stress,

  • The environment becomes aesthetically pleasing, resulting in more tranquility.

The designers of model homes know this, and stage it so it will produce a certain feeling.

We know that our feelings can dramatically affect our health. With that being said, I want to encourage you to make your home a haven where you can obtain peace of mind, body and spirit.

Just like I found, your home can become your own little sanctuary.

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