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Why Invest in Personal Training

Yvette Bernosky B.Ms, C.P.T.

Having a personal trainer is one of the best decisions you can make for yourself. People are individualized; and a fitness routine tailored to meet an individual's needs helps maximize one's exercise goals. Under the guidance of a certified personal trainer, an individualized step-by-step plan can help keep you on the right track, while holding you accountable.

Personal training offers:

Expert Instruction

A personal trainer will formulate a comprehensive workout plan by ascertaining your goals, availability and health history. Professional supervision will ensure you keep proper form and technique, while helping to keep you safe and reducing the risk of injuries.


Not only will a trainer make sure your programming is aligned with your fitness goals, but they will hold you accountable. Great value can be found in having weekly appointments scheduled, making you more apt to show up because you have invested in a professional.


A trainer will encourage you and bring a fresh perspective and new ideas to challenge your body and mind. Coaching and support can help push you to perform your best and go the extra mile.


A personal trainer will develop a fitness plan to help you maximize results in minimum time, increasing the efficiency of your exercise program. Trainers help you succeed to your full potential by keeping you on track with specific goals and maintaining a watchful eye on your performance.

Please contact me at 941-376-9599 for a free consultation and we will find the perfect personal trainer and fitness plan specifically designed for you

Wishing you health & wellness,


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