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The Healing Powers of Nature

A magical feeling came over me as I drove alongside the Pacific Ocean in Hawaii. Looking to my left, I could see the clear blue water and beautiful rock formations above the sea. Looking to the right was thick, lush green foliage and snowcapped mountains in the distance. I felt invigorated, full of life, and full of health. It was one of those life moments where the beauty of nature imprinted my heart and soul—a memory I have cherished ever since.

I didn't think twice when my intuition nudged me to get outside and immerse myself in nature today. Something about finding that perfect spot along the bay, looking out over the water, and taking in the fresh air and sunshine lured me. A voice inside my head softly spoke: Get outside and go write, Yvette. I found that perfect spot as I got to the park, took off my shoes, grounded myself, and quietly sat with my notepad. Coming up with a topic came quickly; Today's article will be about the healing powers of the natural world.

I decided to research how my surroundings may affect my health and mood, starting with finding that perfect spot along the bay and looking out over the water.

Water - Being around water can encourage a calm and tranquil mind. The article "Blue Mind" - Why Being Near The Water Makes You Happy, published in USA Today, discusses scientific evidence promoting mental health and happiness, stating that the Blue Mind is a light, meditative state we may feel near, in, or underwater. The opposite is considered a Red Mind, an overstimulated mind.

Fresh Air - Many health benefits come along with breathing fresh air. When you breathe, you clean your lungs and oxygenate your cells. Breathing in that oxygen can lower your heart rate and blood pressure, increase your energy, and boost your mood.

Land - Dr. Deepak Chopra's article, The Healing Benefits of Grounding The Human Body, discusses how the earth is like a gigantic battery containing a natural and subtle electrical charge. As humans, when we are barefoot and connected to the ground, research has reported decreased levels of pain and inflammation, reduced stress levels, and improved circulation.

Sunshine - The article, What to Know About the Health Benefits of Sunlight in Medical News Today states that sunlight boosts vitamin D levels. Vitamin D supports healthy bones, manages calcium levels, reduces inflammation, and supports the immune system. They have linked sunshine to lower blood pressure, reduced depression to a sensation of well-being, and improved mood.

As I finished my writing for the day, I walked off feeling invigorated, full of life and health, just as I have in times past.

I encourage you that whenever you hear that little voice inside your head softly speak, get outside to do it, as the healing powers of nature await you.

My best to your health and wellness,


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