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Love Makes The World Go Round

A basic human need we all have is the need for love. Love is a win/win for both giver and receiver.

It fills our hearts with a sense of belonging and makes us feel we are valued.

One of the greatest fulfillments for love in our own lives can be when we find our love for humanity.

We nurture this by treating others as equals, by looking for the core of goodness that is within them, and by treating them with kindness.

Some of the simplest ways we can show such validity to others is by giving a gentle pat on the back, or a genuine smile, by opening a door for someone, or by expressing words of praise. Simply learning and using people's names shows respect and care for them as individuals and makes them feel seen.

Small gestures can make a large impact on someone’s heart, and often, recipients of such kindnesses - pass on the resulting warm heartedness to others.

May this week present opportunities for you to express authentic kindness to those along your paths."

My best for health and wellness


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Perfect Yvette. Thannk you for that. Tom

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