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Let Your Gifts Shine

As I took flight on a trip to the mountains, I sat back in my seat and took a deep breath. I hadn’t been on a trip in a while as I decided with my aging dog a couple of years ago that I would keep by her side. In one short month, many changes occurred in my life instantly, and this vacation was time for me to get away, decompress, reflect, and look ahead to my future.

While sitting at a restaurant in the heart of town, a man came in and sat a few seats away from me. We had both come in to order that same drink, which the establishment didn’t have. I noticed the vibrant colors of the pastels he was wearing. I, too, was dressed in an array of light and airy colors. It sparked our conversation. I looked over and said, you can tell we are not from around here as we are the only ones not dressed in all darks.

His energy was alive, and I could see he was a passionate man living life happily. As our conversation evolved, we discovered we were both cancer survivors. We raised our hands to a high five, sharing a big smile. I noted that we have a lot in common and sensed this man was placed in my path on purpose that day.

He began speaking to me about living our lives on purpose and sharing the gifts we have been blessed with, with the world. I pulled out my phone and showed him my last article, Living Life on Purpose. At that point, he, too, knew we were meant to meet that day.

He shared his business ventures, moving from Puerto Rico to Miami and ultimately to the mountains. His purpose is to live his life to the fullest and help others along their paths. He then began talking about my gifts, stating that I am a leader and can help many people. He noted my charismatic personality and encouraged me never to hold back on sharing this with the world and that my magnetism would attract people into my life who are meant to be there. It was as if this man looked directly into my soul and, with his words, enlightened my spirit. Instantly I felt a shift in my being. He shared his gift with me. Shortly after that, we said our goodbyes.

As I went about my trip, I noticed how dialed in I was.

My environment and the people around me heightened my senses.

I continued conversing with others, sharing smiles along the way.

I was enjoying a state of bliss, the all-time natural high.

This rippling effect now moved from me to others who crossed my path.

It would have been easy for me to mind my business and not start that conversation; however, my intuition nudged me, and I listened.

We have all been given unique gifts to share with the world.

You may be gifted in art, music, sports, or being a great spouse, parent, or friend.

Our gifts show up in so many different ways, but when we immerse ourselves in them and share them with others, here is where true happiness lies.

By sharing your gifts, you open yourself up to relationships because you share a unique part of yourself. You may find you have more things in common with people around you or make new friends along the way. By sharing your gifts, you may inspire others to do the same. And by sharing your gifts, you breathe more joy into the world, which we need more of.

No gift is too small; sometimes, the smallest gifts, like a brief conversation with a stranger, can significantly impact someone's day or life.

I encourage you to look into your soul and spirit, seek the things that bring you joy, and never hold back on sharing them.

That’s what gifts are for, to be given.

My best to your health and happiness in life.


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