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How Does It Feel To Be Honored?

Honor or respect is a loving, soothing, and healing energy.

Everyone needs and wants to be respected, from the young child, all the way through to old age.

Respect is something valuable that we can give to ourselves and others.

Respect for Yourself

An awareness of oneself restores self-esteem.

Do you recognize what is valuable in you?

You are a fantastic human being with endless potential and capabilities.

This reflection can bring about many positive feelings.

As this vision for yourself is refreshed, your respect for others is also enhanced.

First off, how do you speak to yourself?

Do you speak to yourself as you would to a dear friend, giving yourself support, encouragement, and compassion? We can learn much about respecting ourselves by listening to our self-talk.

Michael Singer presents a question in his book, The Untethered Soul. If you were sitting on a couch listening to your internal dialogue, would that be someone you’d take advice from?

Respect for Others

Each person has intrinsic worth and gifts to share with the world.

Take a moment to see the value of the people in your life and the wonder of every living soul on earth

Are you able to see the positive qualities that are in everyone?

I know it can be trying when someone is difficult, but everyone still should be treated with respect regardless of whether we feel they deserve it.

This is what keeps our society a civilized place.

Respect will lead to an appreciation of nature, which supports all life on our planet.

With Memorial Day right around the corner, let’s take a moment to honor and respect those who have died in service to our great country.

In closing, let’s live a life where we honor ourselves, others, and the beautiful nation we live in.



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