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Healthy For The Holidays

Tis is the season for celebrations, parties and quality time with family and friends! As we enjoy the holidays we can ultimately end up feeling depleted. Our daily routines change, we can encounter more stress and the energy it takes to just keep up can simply become exhausting.

So how do we make it through the holiday season with less stress and more vitality?

Here are a few tips to keep your Mind, Body and Spirit healthy through the holiday season.

  • Gratitude - Take time each day to appreciate even the simplests of things. Have a grateful heart. Not everything will always go as planned, but taking the time to focus on the good will leave you with a greater sense of well-being and will keep you open to seeing more of it.

  • Time Well Spent - Before you commit to every invitation, ask yourself is this event going to nurture my spirit or am I going out of obligation? If it’s out of obligation you can let your host know you need some down time right now and you’d be happy to connect after the holiday season.

  • Get Your Rest - When you don’t get the sleep you need it can do more than make you tired. It can add to stress, emotional reactivity and decrease cognitive skills to name a few. Adequate sleep is vital to your overall health.

  • Practice Mindfulness - It can be easy with a myriad of tasks to accomplish and events to attend to become overwhelmed, or have so many things on your mind that you miss embracing the moment you are in. Slow down, breathe and take in your surroundings. Be aware of how your body feels and gently slow your thoughts. Allow yourself to be fully present in each moment as one moment rolls into the next.

  • Eat Healthy Meals - With the holidays comes those extra calories and treats. Knowing you may indulge a bit more than normal, be sure to include healthy and balanced meals each day. If you have a party that day then for breakfast and lunch be sure to get fresh produce, fiber and healthy fats. You can keep up with a healthy diet while not depriving yourself at holiday gatherings.

  • Keep Moving - Staying active is essential for good health. Exercising burns calories and reduces stress and releases endorphins that affect your mood. Additionally time spent exercising with others gives you time to connect and do something besides overindulging in food and drinks.

Wishing you a holiday season filled with love, peace and happiness,


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