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Do YOU have an alter ego?

Hello Fitness Family,

Do you have an Alter Ego? 

An Alter Ego is an alternative personality of yourself. 

One very popular example of this is the story of Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde. 

Dr. Jeckyll was a legal practitioner from London named Garbiel John Utterson who investigated strange occurrences between his old friend, Dr. Jeckyll and the evil Mr. Hyde. One man, two personalities. Another great example is that of Superman and Clark Kent. Here Superman created an alter ego of Clark Kent as a journalist to fit normal society and hide his true self as Superman. 

Alter egos have been used by so many successful people in life including: top executives, performers and in the world of athletics. 

An alter ego can give you the confidence to become who your truly desire to be.  

I have a few alter egos that I jump back in forth through each week. When I consciously activate them my results are always outstanding. 

I step into the roles of: I am the best studio owner on the planet. I am an incredible entertainer and instructor that gives world class experiences to those I teach and... I am a beacon of love and kindness that alters the state of those who come into interaction with me. 

These are the things I tell myself and the personalities I step into in many given situations. 

I have been able to build my confidence and get the results I desire when I purposely choose and step into the Alter Egos I have created for myself. 

Can you think of anything you want to get better at? Maybe it’s achieving your goals in the gym, socializing at parties, becoming a strong leader or improving your personal relationships. 

Choose an Alter Ego to do it. Here are some steps to help you. 

  • Determine why you want an alter ego. Gaining clarity is your 1st step. 

  • Figure out the personality your Alter Ego will have. Have a very distinct image. 

  • Write down your Alter Ego’s story. Use your imagination and choose from the menu of life anything you’d like to include. 

  • Pick a name. 

Once you have gotten very clear on who and what your Alter Ego is all about go out and have some fun with this. You may immediately begin to see how powerful this is in your daily life, impacting the situations and circumstances you want to excel in. 

I hope these simple tips help you this week become all you can be!

With love,


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