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You are the SKY!

Yvette Bernosky B.Ms, C.P.T

Executive Business Coach - Tony Robbins Madanes

Recently, I came across this quote by Perma Chodron: “You are the sky. Everything else is the weather.” The sky is vast, and the weather constantly changes. I found myself pondering the meaning. Could I compare myself to the enormity of the sky and my thoughts to our ever-changing weather?  

Not long ago, I attended a talk on this topic. I was astonished to learn that thoughts that sustain anger can also manifest from smaller frustrations that build up, disappointments we endure, and even closing our hearts from past pains. Closing our hearts was big for me, as I now see the anger embedded within it. I always considered anger an aggressive and volatile emotion, let alone bearing its head in these subtler ways. 

I realized that anger and the thoughts that sustain them are like the varied cloud formations on a dark and rainy day.

Let’s say you had an experience where someone criticized you. 

Immediately, you think, how could they say that to me? They have a lot of nerve. 

What a jerk! You are hurt and angry, and as your day goes on, you fester in this. 

You may be attached to these thoughts, aka clouds, for the entire day or even longer, never letting them go.  

By now, the person who commented may have forgotten or not even realized you were offended. 

They moved on.

Now you have two problems: the situation and attaching yourself to these thoughts.

These thoughts have robbed you of your peace. 

As a storm moves in, clouding the sky on a sunny day, those clouds will eventually dissipate and float by. The sky can not attach itself to the weather.  

What if we began seeing ourselves as the sky and recognized thoughts as the weather?  

Could we step back and see that our thoughts are only thoughts, not things?

Could we release our attachment to the clouds within our minds when we are upset and let them float on by? 

By doing so, we clear our sky.

And by doing so, we restore our peace. 

May you always find the calm within a storm, and may your days be sunny and bright. 

My best,


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