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Four Pillars To Optimal Health

Hello Fitness Family, Each day we make choices, choices that either support our overall well being or not. There are times in life where we are operating on all four cylinders, living the best versions of ourselves and feeling great and other times where one or two of these cylinders seem to be misfiring Like an automobile we need all cylinders working harmoniously to function best. Here is where we find true balance, optimal health and well - being. It’s easy to blame the outer world for when we are misaligned. However, if we go inside and take responsibility the answers always lie within and you will find it in your daily routine. Physical Health is when we take the time to exercise, eat right, keep hydrated and get the rest that we need. We respect the body we live in and make certain we care for it well. Mental Health can be achieved by surrounding ourselves by people who challenge us to grow, reading books and educating ourselves. Here we develop a greater understanding of who we are. Emotional Health occurs when we have purpose in life, enjoy positive enriching relationships and have a sense of fulfillment. Spiritual Health allows us to travel beyond the physical and connect to a higher calling, understanding and purpose. These pillars go hand in hand and will ultimately affect the others. Reflecting on my life I know for a fact that when I am living in balance this is when I am truly connected to my authentic self and living the best version of me. We all deserve to be our best and live life to the fullest! I’d like you to examine these pillars and go back to your daily routine. What do you do when you wake up in the morning, on your time off from work or as you go to bed each night? Is there something you can tweak? Imagine for a moment how great you would feel by making some simple adjustments. You can take time to meditate, read a book, go out for a walk or simply call a friend. Whatever it is for you I encourage you to do it. As you know we are all given 24 hours to spend each day however we please. Why not spend them on you and enjoy finding your perfect balance? You deserve nothing less.

With love, Yvette

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