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Facing Our Fears and Doubts

Yvette Bernosky B.Ms, C.P.T

Executive Business Coach - Tony Robbins- Madanes

Looking back several years ago on a ski trip to Utah, my adrenaline raced at an elevation of 9,000 feet, and my knees shook as we got off the St. Paul Express. You see, I fear heights but, specifically, ledges. Just looking through the windows as we made our way up, I was sweating. My friends securely held my hands as I nervously walked to the photo op. However, we were greeted with the most stunning views of Mt. Ogden and the entire Snowbasin Ridgeline at that height. The beauty was overwhelming, a breathtaking and magical moment I will never forget. Had I let my fears step in the way, I would have missed this moment and all the years of fun I have had skiing despite myself. 

In life, we face many opportunities that challenge our fears and doubts. It can be easy to let thoughts like, I am not capable, or What if I fail to prevail, but at what cost? 

Or maybe we don’t think we can handle the emotions of disappointment if something doesn’t go well; we let someone down or feel judged by our efforts. This type of mindset is not uncommon, but it can hold us back from stepping into our full potential.

Fear Of Failure—Fear of failure can prevent us from taking the first step, leaving one frozen dead in their tracks. However, reframing the way we think about failure can be very empowering.

Someone who never fails is generally unwilling to take a risk, but we all face failure at one point or another. 

On the contrary, someone who has failed many times puts themselves out there regardless. 

Of course, we need to move forward with intelligence. 

An example would be taking a risk while putting our life savings on the line. 

However, with a growth mindset, we give ourselves the chance to learn and sharpen our skills, which may be helpful in our lives in various ways. Without ever having tried, we rob ourselves of this opportunity. And you never know what you may be just about to succeed at.

Self-Doubt—Self-doubt is that voice inside your head that talks you out of even trying. Self-doubt leaves you discouraged. I always encourage people to look back on their life achievements. It could be an accomplishment they had in school, playing a sport, in a job, or in a relationship. Reflecting on past achievements can boost confidence significantly. Additionally, I suggest they imagine a friend facing the same challenge; what would they say to offer support? Then speak to themselves the same way they would that friend?  

Often, new opportunities in life can feel scary, and our fears and doubts rise to the surface. As we notice this thought process, we can reframe it. 

I am sure we have all heard the saying, nothing ventured, nothing gained.  

Had I not ventured up that mountainside that day, I would have never experienced such an epic moment that I will never forget, and I would have never discovered my love for skiing.  

With the many opportunities that come our way in life, I encourage you to use intelligence to move forward and reframe your mindset.

Be willing to take a chance on yourself.

Learn, grow, and be that friend who supports you. 

You may be left with epic, breathtaking, magical moments of success you will never forget, just as I was.

Wishing you success in all that you do!


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