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Are You Meeting Your Needs?

As I was called to the front of the room, I was asked to sit down and then stand back up, state my educational history, and describe my relationship with my mother and father. All of this was conducted under the watchful eye of a video camera as a cartoon artist busily sketched out my responses. This intentionally intense exercise aimed at unsettling my complacency.

I signed up for a vigorous three-day program titled Reinvention Weekend, meant for personal growth and improvement. Throughout the weekend, I gathered insightful understandings highlighting why I behave in certain ways. Furthermore, this experience embedded an empowering belief system into my subconscious that has guided me into my future. 

Fast forward years later, I have embarked on a new educational journey called Executive Corporate Coaching. This learning syncs well with my Employee Empowerment Program, bearing many parallels with my experience during the Reinvention Weekend thus far.

Based on teachings from Anthony Robbins, six fundamental human needs propel us toward success or veer us away when they are unfulfilled. Generally, two or three dominant factors influence our choices. The following are six primal human necessities, as defined by Robbins. Take a look at the list below to see if you can identify your top three.  

  • Certainty - Assurance you can avoid pain and gain pleasure 

  • Uncertainty - The need for the unknown, change, and new stimuli

  • Significance - Feeling unique, important, special, or needed

  •  Connection/Love - A strong feeling of closeness or union with someone or something

  • Growth - An expansion of capacity or understanding 

  • Contribution - A sense of service and focus on helping, giving, and supporting others.  

After attending the Reinvention Weekend, I comprehended why my drive for success was so intense: it was rooted in my desire for significance and love. This stemmed back to my relationship with my father. His acknowledgment of my achievements in the fitness industry was crucial to me. I realized that not fulfilling those needs left me with a diminished feeling of self-worth. This understanding allowed me to develop a craving for certainty, as it influenced my choices, steering me away from pain and towards pleasure. It also allowed me to have more love and compassion for myself. Even today, I can see the deep impression this course left on me. 

When you understand how you meet your needs, you gain an awareness of how they either help or hinder you in life, and this knowledge can empower you to make decisions that align with your best interests and human potential. 

I encourage you to consider these concepts and use your reflection to help enhance your life. 

And, just a side note, that new mindset I adopted years ago was, “You are the warm, confident expander of futures.” And that is exactly who I am today.

My best to your health and wellness,


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