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A Sensational Life!

Yvette Bernosky B.Ms, C.P.T

Executive Business Coach - Tony Robbins - Madanes

I am always curious about synchronicities in life.

I wonder about the meanings behind them as they occur simultaneously and appear to be related but have no real connection.

This week, our five human senses revealed themselves to me in three ways:

creatively communicating, enriching life's moments, and handling anxiety. 

Let’s explore these together. 

Creatively Communicating

In my never-ending quest for learning, I attended a program that taught winning strategies in communication as a presenter.

We discussed how some people have success but don’t know why, while others

understand their formula and, wash, rinse, and repeat.

It’s easy to think we communicate primarily through words, but often, that is a small percentage of how we communicate fully.

We constantly process information with our five senses.

By doing so, this determines our experience.   

I decided to engage everyone’s five senses while teaching an aqua class. I arrived wearing bright and vibrant colors. I played music from their genre, the

1960's and fluctuated the tonality in my voice. I asked them to notice how the coolness of the pool felt on their bodies. Taking water breaks, we savored the flavor, and as we did our breathwork, we smelled the fresh air. Rather than just walking my class through a series of exercises, I gave them a whole sensory experience. 

Creatively communicating is a winning formula for me.

Enriching Life's Moments 

Thinking of how one creatively communicates, I reflected on being the receiver. 

Years ago, I tried hypnosis. Going in for the session, I noticed the room was dim and cozy.  The couch was soft and plush. I sank right in as I sat down. The therapist's voice was calm and soothing. I couldn't help but feel relaxed. Had the lights been bright, the couch felt stiff, and the therapist's voice been high-pitched, it would have been a different experience. 

I ponder this thought: Would my life be enriched if I brought awareness to my senses throughout my day rather than only during orchestrated moments created to stimulate sensations?

With this mindset, I became aware of how life unfolds around me.  

I began listening with the whole essence of my being, 

There is much to engage in at any given moment. 

We have been given eyes to see, ears to hear, a nose to smell, a mouth to taste, and the sensation of touch to feel. Whether we have all or limitations, each is a gift within itself. 

Handling Anxiety

Lastly, I saw an episode about handling anxiety with our five senses on the Today Show with Spiritual Coach Gabby Bernstein. It’s the five, four, three, two, one method. They stated that one in three adults experienced symptoms of anxiety and depression last year. While there may be biochemical reasons one has anxiety and may seek medical treatment, there are techniques anyone can use to disrupt anxiety at the onset. Coincidentally, the next day, I felt some anxiety coming on. I decided to try the method. I began by setting my sights on five things I could see: four things I could touch, three things I could hear, two things I could smell, and one thing I could taste. I followed this by placing one hand on my heart and one on my stomach, taking in three slow breaths. This interrupted my anxiety, grounded me, and got me present in the moment. It worked!

As our five senses seemed to thread themselves throughout my week as topics of interest, grasping for my attention, it made me realize how sensational our lives are.  What would life be like if we slowed down, tuned in, and listened with the full essence of our being? 

Simply put, a sensational life it would be. 

My best to your health and wellness,

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