All classes finish with ten minutes of stretching.



Our incredible team of Nationally Certified Fitness Professionals can help you  achieve your fitness goals!

"You can radically change your outcome."

"Fitness is about more than exercise, it's a catalyst for positive change."

"Let's feed your positive, not your negative..."

"Be healthy now, it's your choice."

 "Let's make your fitness wish list a reality."

 "I can help you realize what you can do."

"Inspire yourself, and watch your world change."

"How do you start a journey of a lifetime?  One step at a time." 


       $125/month  $150/per month  $175 per month

At Yvette's Health and Fitness center, we have three levels of membership available for you to look and feel your best!

BRONZE: Includes two classes per week led by nationally certified personal trainers & health coaches.

SILVER: Unlimited classes with access to limited space in our Gold Member fitcamp program.

GOLD: Unlimited classes and a guaranteed spot in our GOLD camps includes all specialty programs throughout the year. (Excludes limited space TRX camps.)


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