Certified Personal Trainer Yvette Bernosky began her career at a local fitness club in Sarasota at the age of 20. The part-time job led to an exciting career in the fitness industry. Yvette says, "I was very fortunate to have a mentor who encouraged me to become a personal trainer. I began working with members one-on-one and a short time later became an aerobics instructor for the club and the rest is history!" For more than 25 years, she has worked with a diverse clientele, including business professionals, Miss Florida pageant winners, and people of all ages and fitness levels.

Yvette always considers her clients health concerns and conditions in order to develop the most individualized workout plans possible. She makes an effort to learn about the health conditions that may affect a client's ability to train and how these conditions can be accommodated in the safest and most effective way.

Yvette  holds multiple diversified certifications and continues her professional development by attending health and fitness conferences and classes. Further balancing her course of study, Yvette has traveled throughout the world and participated in various kinds of fitness programs and events. This has provided her with a broad fitness perspective and new avenues of reaching, inspiring, and educating her clients. She is always on a quest to learn new and exciting ways to train her clients.

Yvette is truly passionate about physical fitness and knows with certainty that this is the path she was meant to follow. "My work is incredibly rewarding, I love being able to help people achieve their goals. Anytime I have taken time off or have focused on other potential business ventures, I find my passion in helping others pulling me right back here. This is the place I love to be."


Yvette's  Education & Certifications:


· Batchelor of Metaphysical Science

· Personal Trainer - American Council on Exercise







· Personal Trainer - Aerobic & Fitness Association of America

· Resistance Training Specialist - Aerobic & Fitness Association of America

· Aerobic Instructor - Aerobic & Fitness Association of America

· Kickboxing Instructor - Aerobic & Fitness Association of America

· Certified Fitness Director/Studio Owner - A.C.E. ceptu43

· Boot Camp Instructor - American Boot Camp Corporation

· Aquatic Instructor - Aquatic Exercise Associations

· Aquatic Instructor - SCW

· CEU Provider - American Council on Exercise for Medical Exercise Protocol

· Spinning Instructor - Maddog Athletics

· Nutritional Counselor - Shapes Family Fitness

· Nautilus Instructor - Nautilus Corporation

· 3 years Tae Kwon Do Training with Master Hong & Su Cho




Shakeology® is much more than just a protein shake. It's also in a completely different league than your standard everyday "mealreplacement shake". In a nutshell, Shakeology® is a complete (and super healthy) meal in a glass. Each shake is packed with 70 whole food ingredients that deliver the essential nutrients that the body craves, and is often deprived of due to the typical unhealthy American diet.

Most Americans eat a steady stream of processed foods that are high in fat and sugar, creating the challenge of eating a healthy diet to be more difficult than ever. Shakeology® offers a solution to that problem, one that is both convenient and affordable!


Why Shakeology®?

Unlike other meal replacements, Shakeology® ingredients are derived from whole food sources. You never have to worry about consuming exotic synthetic extracts or isolates when you drink a Shakeology® shake. Also, it's important to note that Shakeology® contains absolutely no artificial sweeteners such as sucralose and aspartame, and the whey protein used in the product is certified to be 100% free of antibiotics. It is the only meal replacement product that we endorse at Yvette's Fitness.

Shakeology® Benefits:
• Weight loss
• Improved energy & stamina reduced cravings
• Improved digestion & regularity
• Improved skin, nails, and hair
• Improved cholesterol levels

Shakeology® users have reported a wide range of health benefits, including increased energy to lower cholesterol. In addition to providing all of these great benefits, it's also great to know that Shakeology® is certified low glycemic with a 24 GI (glycemic index) rating. A 24 GI rating is extremely LOW (which is a good thing) and yet another confirmation of just how healthy this product really is.

In case you are not familiar with the GI ratings and the topic of blood sugar, foods that have high glycemic index ratings cause the body to produce higher levels of insulin which will provide a sugar rush, followed by a crash. Eating a diet that is primarily made up of low-GI foods is a great way to stabilize blood sugar and insulin levels. Talk to one of the coaches at Yvette's Fitness today to see if Shakeology® is right for you!



       $125/month  $150/per month  $175 per month

At Yvette's Health and Fitness center, we have three levels of membership available for you to look and feel your best!

BRONZE: Includes two classes per week led by nationally certified personal trainers & health coaches.

SILVER: Unlimited classes with access to limited space in our Gold Member fitcamp program.

GOLD: Unlimited classes and a guaranteed spot in our GOLD camps includes all specialty programs throughout the year. (Excludes limited space TRX camps.)