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What is your WHY? How to get RESULTS & stick with them.

Updated: May 26, 2020

What is your WHY? How to get RESULTS & stick with them.

By Yvette Bernosky, B.Ms C.P.T.

Do you ever ask yourself WHY you may want to become healthier? In fitness and wellness consultations, I not only ask my client’s what their goals are, but why they want to achieve those goals. In Start with Why by Simon Sinek, we learn how when we ask ourselves, “why,” we afford ourselves the insight to go 7 to 10 layers deeper than what our initial response. The why ignites the internal drive to achieve goals, both in the short and long term.

Your goals may be as simple as wanting to have more energy, losing 10 pounds or developing better balance and strength. No matter the goal, discussing the why can provide great clarity; and the clearer you are, the better you set yourself up for success. For example, if a client wants to achieve more energy because they are always tired halfway through the day, I inquire why. The answers may vary from wanting to keep up with their kids and having more quality time with family, to coming home from work and not wanting to just sit on the coach and go to bed. However, if the goal is losing 10 pounds, the why maybe your clothes are fitting too tight. From there, you can even question yourself further by asking, do you want your clothes to fit better because you are not feeling as confident in your appearance? Or, if developing better balance is your goal, your why may be because you are feeling unsteady and afraid of falling and breaking a hip, as you’ve witnessed happen to others.

No matter the why, knowing exactly what lies deeper within yourself is an empowering start to sticking to the goals you set. Oftentimes, we function surface-level, but never dig deep enough to accomplish what we really would like to achieve. I challenge you to write down your goals, whether for your health, career or family, and see how many levels deeper you can go to discovering your why. Do it for yourself and make the things you desire become a reality.

My very best,

Yvette Bernosky B,Ms, C.P.T

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