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Cultivating Meaningful Relationships

As I stood in front of the class to lead a meditation on mindfulness, a strong energy of love filled the air. I could feel this vibration throughout my entire being, radiating among us as if we were enclosed in a bubble of friendship and love.

I began to bring our awareness to the gentle breeze and fresh air softly gliding across our skin and blowing through our hair. I brought our attention to the warm rays of sunshine beaming down upon our shoulders and the lush, vibrant green trees around us.

The earth was alive, and we were immersed in the beauty of nature. As I scanned the group, I could see the relaxation in their bodies and gentle smiles on their faces. In concluding this practice, no one stood up, but conversations broke out! I feel chills as I write this to you now! What we were experiencing was pure and deep love. The love that we have cultivated in the years we spent on our journey of health and wellness together. It nurtured my soul and filled my heart as I quietly observed what was happening in that moment.

This is an integral part of health and wellness, to feel love and connection. We live in a fast paced world and often seek instant gratification. However, this experience didn’t happen overnight. This was a group of people who have come together and made little deposits into these relationships over a long period of time. We have shared good times, bad times, struggles and successes. The type of things that deepen connections. We never walked away when the going got tough. We never threw in the towel. We took the time to be there for each other along this road called life, and what we got in return was something to many people that may seem unimaginable. We have cultivated deep friendships. The ones who have you back, the ones who don’t turn away looking for the next best thing, the ones you can consider life long friends.

Relationships like these take time to cultivate. It’s like making small deposits in a bank that grow over time. It’s taking the time out of your busy lives to pick up the phone or share a meal together. Just like that consistent investment in your account, over time the yields compound and the payout is rich and rewarding for your heart and soul.

I encourage you to take a moment today to think of someone you can reach out to, someone you can share a laugh with or offer a word of support. Begin making it a daily practice. Invest in your relationships and over time you will reap what you sow.

I close with a saying I have always loved:

“I went out to seek a friend and none could be found, I went out to be a friend and friends were all around.”

My best to your health and wellness,


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